Antalya, Turkey – 2013

Antalya, Turkey – 2013

Still in Turkey!

Yes yes, this time we headed to the south of the country; beach, sand and sun. It does not take much to make me happy. Let’s do some swimming and sunbathing!
To go to this charming city of Antalya, we took the bus to enjoy the landscapes of the country. We did book our bus tickets from a local travel agency not far from Taksim in Istanbul, just 2 days before our departure there.
Once in Antalya, our hotel was within a walking distance of the city. The view of the hotel overlooked a cliff, which I let you admire through this picture.

Wonderful isn’t it? I often went out to sit by myself on the edge of this cliff, on a bench and I stayed there a few minutes in the evening in the calmness, enjoying silence. It is extremely peaceful!

The city of Antalya is not very big nor very modern. The houses and different dwellings are small and remain quite modest.
In the city center, it is very common to see old stone constructions. Moreover, the marina or old port is the best example of that.
It is possible to take a boat trip (mini-cruise) to see what they call “the duden falls” and with some luck might see dolphins ….

I do not particularly recommend this boat ride to the waterfalls; the photos speak for themselves (nothing extraordinary for the price we paid)

The most touristic part of the city is named Kemer (we did not go to that side). In Kemer, which is located further west of the city center, you will find aquariums, amusement parks, bars and clubs, as well as several hotels where you can go to party. I will recommend Kemer for young people and group travelers or friends.

There is not that much activity that we did in this coastal city, but still it is a crazy charming city, ideal especially for rest, away from the stress of big busy cities.
As in Istanbul, I highly recommend taking fish. The (Chupra) sole is available absolutely everywhere, and not expensive at all. They also have pizzas that are very long and thin, with varied tops. Otherwise do not hesitate to take their entries …. aaaaah those small tasty delights! Vinegared vine leaves and lots of good things …

Hoping to have succeeded in making you want to visit this beautiful country full of history, culture, gastronomy and shopping hehehehe

Oh yes, I almost forgot to show you the magnets that I took from Turkey and is now hanging on my fridge! It represents the Blue Mosque that I had the chance to visit during my stay in Istanbul.

Feel free to ask me questions about this destination, I answer your comments with great pleasure!
See you soon for a new trip … and a new destination …
Esther E.

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